A platform that revitalizes your Social Brand


Multiple mailboxes, synchronized as per your timeline and priority for an unified email experience

Social Media:
Aggregate your personal Social accounts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram (Coming Soon). Business accounts (such as Corporate/Official Social Media: Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts) to be added in the Business Mode for consolidated handling

Team Role:
A team of content writers and managers can be added to Social Media accounts in order to have Content Creation and Approval process established. This helps in better work management and review of each and every concept being posted on Social Media as it better to be safe than sorry

Archiving & Note:
Any content that catches your attention in Social Media can be saved for later reference even if the source content is deleted online. This comes in handy when we would like to get inspiration and create new concepts of future. Make short notes on each archive content to help recollect your thoughts when you are referring back to them in future

URL Shortner:
Shorten all your long urls wherever needed, i.e., in case they are crossing your word count, especially in Twitter content which is, limited to 140 characters

Create fabulous artworks with stock-like images in readymade templates for each and every social media platform

Twitter & Facebook (Coming Soon) Mailbox:
Handle all your direct messages in official social media accounts at one place as per the timeline

When going through huge amounts of Social content, it becomes tedious. For simplifying this process: There are filters to select and see only text, images and video content


It is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a business or a brand is achieving its key social media objectives

Page Virality Factor:
Check whether your page has the potential to go viral or not

Best Source For Likes:
Find out where your likes are coming from in Facebook

Reached Fans:
Know the true reach of your page in comparison to page likes

Fans Online:
Identify the effective audience of your page at a given day

Local Impact:
Age and gender that responds well to your brand

Page Unlikes:
Meet your brand haters here

Brand Champions:
Be delighted, you have some supporters too

Engagement Rate:
The above champions were so-so, know who really engages with your brand

People you reach within 2 hours of posting, basically how famous are you?

Page Performance:
Indicating the over-all strength of your page

Fans Behaviour:
Who likes and unlikes, your page week on week

Broadcast Interactions:
What are the different kinds of post you put in a defined period

Website Conversions:
If you ran any website click campaigns on Facebook, you can see the result here


Major Fans Source:
Identify the sources from which your fans like your page and invest in the best source for improved results

Main Fans:
Know the count of your fans divided by gender and age group, target the sector that is interested in your brand

Fans Reaction:
How are the fans reacting to the content you post on the page? Helps to assess what's making your fans happy or sad

Fans Location:
Gives the location and language of your fans. Know the language to write your post in and the location to promote it

Fans Growth:
The source from which your fans like your page and the actual growth in likes on a weekly basis

Fans Response To Videos:
Shows how good your video posts are performing, and how many of your fans are actually viewing your video completely

People Matching The Audience Targeting:
How much of your content posted is getting consumed by your target audience, indicating how good is your content performing (only if it is good, fans will watch/read it)

Page And Audience Virality:
Best age and gender group of your fans, and the top 3 ways the fans use to interact with the page

Fans Behavior:
Know how many fans are liking and disliking your page on a daily basis

Fans Feedback:
Based on the sentiments generated in the audience, the graph shows the count. Whether people are liking your post or hiding them

Fans Source Profiling:
This shows the device using which the fans like your page

Fans Engagement:
Shows the reach, impression and engagement generated by the posts on a daily basis

Fans Comment and Last Activity:
Latest comments received from the fans and the replies given by the brand

Fans By Country:
Shows the various countries where your fans reside, helps you to plan offers, campaigns and location specific promotions


Post Types Which Work:
Which post type (Image, Video, Link etc.) is generating the maximum reach and that should be your future focus of posting

Consumption Frequency:
Number of times the same person comes and sees the posts on your page

Engaging Posts:
See how good your paid and unpaid promotion is reaching to your audience. Also, is there any virality generated from these promotions. Determine what kind of promotions best suits your page needs

Broadcast Interactions:
What are the different kinds of post you put in a defined period, and depending on the reach of each, change the mix of postings to improvise the page positively

Top Content:
The post that generated the best engagement in the defined period, try to put similar posts

Weak Content:
The post that performed poorly. Try to avoid them in future

Post Source:
People performing actions on your post like watching the video, clicking the link,viewing the photo album etc. Helps you to identify what your audience like to see on your page

Number of Posts and Types:
Gives the count and type of posts promoted during the specified period

Impressions received on your posts for the specified period. See the post type with maximum impressions and use them for better page performance

Organic and Inorganic Reach:
Reach of the posts classified into organic and inorganic. Check if your page needs inorganic promotions for better reach

User Activity:
Find out the time period in which maximum number of your fans are online and post content during that time to get the best organic reach

Using strategic hashtags on your facebook business page will enhance the reach of the posts. Your fans will see the hashtags as clickable links

Hashtag Post Analysis:
Shows the reach and the usage frequency of hashtags used in your posts. Experiment with hashtags to find out which works well and gives the best reach for your page and continue using the same

Hashtag Comment Analysis:
Shows the reach and the usage frequency of hashtags used in comments by your audience. You can see how your fans are reacting and responding to your hashtags with commented hashtags

Top Hashtags:
Documents the reach and the frequency of the hashtags used by your page in a table

Post With Top Hashtags:
The posts with the best performing hashtags will be shown here. Use this combo of post type and hashtags for establishing good reach and awareness

Commented Hashtag:
Recently made comments by the fans which consists of hashtags. Try to incorporate the hashtags in your post to share good sentimental rapport with your audience

Sentiment Analysis, otherwise known as opinion mining, is the process of determining the emotional tone behind a series of words, used to gain an understanding of the attitudes, opinions and emotions expressed within a phrase or string of words

Post Sentiment Analysis:
The different sentiments (positive, negative and neutral) generated on your posts based on the keywords used is analyzed here. We give you the relevance score which indicates the relevancy of the keyword to the audience. Any keyword with a good relevance score should be used more often in your posts

Comment Sentiment Analysis:
The different sentiments (positive, negative and neutral) expressed in the comments by your audience on your page posts. The relevance score tells the relevance the keywords from the comments hold with your posts. More positive sentiments generated indicates that your posts are performing well, else it's time to change your writing style

Keyword analysis is critical to achieve success with organic and inorganic social media promotions

Post Keyword Analysis:
Shows the reach and the usage frequency of different keywords used in your posts. Experiment with keywords to find out which works well and gives the best reach for your page and continue using the same

Comment Keyword Analysis:
Shows the reach and the usage frequency of different keywords used in comments by your audience. You can see how your fans are reacting and responding to your keywords with commented keywords

User generated content on Facebook provides a rich source for gleaning people's emotions, which is necessary for deeper understanding of people's behaviors and actions. Emotion analysis otherwise lack the coverage of various emotional situations. To overcome this bottleneck, we have created emotion, writing and social tone by harnessing emotion related keywords available on the business page

Post Emotion Tone:
By categorizing words into different emotion tones, we give you the likelihood percent of different emotions witnessed in your posts. Further, one can use this to maintain a balance emotion between the posts written and the comments received from the audience

Comment Emotion Tone:
By categorizing words into different emotion tones, we give you the likelihood percent of different emotions witnessed in the comments given by the audience on your posts

Post Writing Tone:
The three writing tones help you to determine the writing style in which your content falls. These writing styles can be matched to your audience's comment writing tones to maintain the balance of emotions

Comment Writing Tone:
The three writing tones split tells you the writing tone used by your audience while commenting on your posts

Post Social Tone:
The social tones of various keywords used in your posts can be assessed here. This identification in likelihood percent should match the comments social tone of the audience

Comment Social Tone:
The social tones of various keywords used in comments by your audience will be seen here

Analyzing how people behave and react in social spaces online through language analysis. We aim to get new methods of analysis to get down to the nitty-gritty of your audiences pressing thoughts

Post Personality Analysis:
This section determines the page personality through language analysis and helps you understand the overall personality of the page and whether it syncs with that of the audiences personality

Comment Personality Analysis:
Showcases the audience’s personality through language analysis and helps the brand or the business understand the mindset of their audience. You can assess your business buyer persona with personality analysis


Team Role:
To maintain hierarchy within the organization, the team role feature of Synctag comes in handy, where, an approval-rejection mechanism is maintained between the Manager and Content Writer. This way all the content being posted on your Social Brand is properly assessed and approved in a timely manner

This feature lets the content writer/manager to schedule the content across networks for all the future postings. This makes it easy to post relevant content even at difficult times such as Midnight, etc.

In this place all the scheduled: both past and future posts are available to be assessed or modified in case of any errors

All your comments can be searched and also can be viewed under the following categories: Positive, Neutral and Negative. Both positive and negative comments have to be responded to at the earliest possible timeframe so as to keep the interest of the fans as well as limit the damage happening in the Social Media


We will work with your existing Brand agencies and/or your internal teams to create and maintain effective Social Brand for your organization. The various social media services offered by Synctag are as follows:

Our creative content writers conceptualize, write copies, descriptions and hashtags for the creative that fashions virality

The Design team visualizes the ideas given by the Creative team and brings them to life

Promotion Planning:
Promotion planning is important to do cost effective way to increase Page Likes, create Brand Awareness, improve Reach and escalate Engagement

Competitor Analysis:
With our subscriptions to various AIs and the aggregated results from systematic analysis of data and statistics, Synctag provides the clients with Competitive Benchmarking Reports

With the insights generated from Competitive Benchmarking and other analytics from Synctag, the team tailors a strategy that suits the clients current social media scenario and focuses on achieving higher reach, engagement and brand following with perfect targeting to maintain relevancy

Ad Report:
After running successful campaigns and promotions for the brand, Synctag provides the client with an in depth Ad Report that consists of all the objectives targeted and achieved in the promotion. These reports further provide the client with the knowledge of who is their favored audience

Research and Branding:
Synctag Researches gather information about target markets and customers of the clients, various social media trends and strategies that can be used for their social media marketing